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CONVEX was founded in 1991 by Panagiotis PANTAZELOS who operates in the hardware sector since 1973. The company is located in its privately owned facilities in 93 G. Gennimata Avenue, Magoula, Attiki in a carefully designed building of the highest standards. Convex is a vertically integrated unit and all phases of production are conducted within its own facilities.

The company’s products are:

• Handles and knobs for doors,
• Furniture handles and knobs and by utilizing the full potential of its facilities,
Convex can manufacure
• Custom made products

The philosophy of Convex can best be described as a four-pillared model. Creativity, Innovation, Technology and Passion. All the products are embodying these core values and thus their quality and endurance is ensured. Convex is a production unit based on modern technological and artistic dynamics and is constantly trying to improve and evolve further. With this careful approach, Convex manufactures pioneering products of high aesthetic value and has managed to be globally recognized and distinguished for its quality. Furthermore, Convex has won design awards (2055, Red Dot Design Award 2013) thanks to the company’s talented team of designers.


#Production Facilities

CONVEX is a vertically integrated manufacturing company. Processing various metals and alloys like brass, aluminium, zink based die castings, stainless steel, copper etc. The total of the production sequence is been carried out within our facilities. In this way the whole production process is fully controlled by our people. This fact enables us to have substantial flexibility and allows us to respond to numerous requests by customers who ask for the production of various products with different dimensions in the Greek and international market. CONVEX’ s production departments include:

Product design

A fully equipped machine shop where from a product design a mould is manufactured to be used as a production tool in the casting process.

Die - Casting

With zamak and bronze at 3 casting presses

Automatic lathes

for the production of machined parts from brass and aluminium. Max diameter to be produced is Ø60mm..

Machining department

using transfer machines specially built for our production needs. Cutting presses, drilling and sawing machines are also used for the finalizing of the dimensional and functional part of our products.

Vibratory finishing

is performed as the initial stage of metal finishing. There are also numerous hand operated or automatic machines for the abrasive finishing process.

Finishing department

where final polishing is performed either in satin or bright appearance. Transfer and robotic machines are used depending on the part size and geometry.

Electroplating department

where a fully automatic plant PLC controlled with 7 carriers and 70 tanks is processing the total of our produced semi finished parts. Metals to be processed include brass, zamak, copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Processes include copper plating, bright nickel, satin nickel , matt nickel plating, brass and chromium plating , electrophoretic lacquering with post dyes. Capacity to treat parts until 2,8 meter long and 1,3 m height.

Electrostatic powder coating and metal oxidizing

is performed to a separate department thus concluding the whole of the final treatment processes for our products.

Quality control

is a separate and most important department where controls are performed in order to check whether our products meet the standards we have specified via our Quality control system.

fixing, assembling and packaging

of the finished products ready to be stored prior to selling through our distribution network




batimat 2019

We are glad to participate in the International fair Batimat 2019 that take place during November in Paris. We introduced our new range of door handles designed, to make your interaction with doors and windows a unique experience. Furthermore that we present the anodizing techniques, that can be achieved in our new facilities introducing a world of color and of course our exclusive door handle series created by well known Greek designers . 

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THE BIG 5 2021

Η Διεθνή έκθεση Big 5 2021, πραγματοποιήθηκε τον Σεπτέμβριο στο Ντουμπάϊ, Εκεί παρουσιάσαμε τη νέα γκάμα χειρολαβών σχεδιασμένη από βραβευμένους Designers και από εμάς, Παρουσιάσαμε τις βελτιωμένες τεχνικές ανοδίωσης, και τα νέα φινιρίσματα, που μπορούν να επιτευχθούν στις νέες εγκαταστάσεις μας και την πρωτοποριακή και καινοτόμα πιστοποιημένη εφαρμογή με Αντιμικροβιακή προστασία, που μπορεί πλέον να απογειώσει την κατασκευή σας και να διασφαλίσει όσους χρησιμοποιούν τα πιστοποιημένα προϊόντα μας!

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Mosbuild 2019

CONVEX participates in Mosbuild that take place on April 2019, the largest building and interior trade show in RUSSIA. During the  event were presented our new models series, for interior door handles as well as pull handles

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190 18, Magoula, Attiki Greece

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