What is the Antimicrobial property?

Antimicrobial is the ability of a material to eliminate or inactivate microbes such as bacteria, fungi, (including mould) and virus

Which are the benefits for us?
This property makes a product which is touch friendly and hygienic to the final user.

Antimicrobial Coatings how is this possible?
CONVEX has developed products with a final coating produced with the use of antimicrobial powders containing silver ions. Silver ions provide antimicrobial protection when present in top coating of metallic products. Implementing such Antimicrobial coating onto metal surfaces, allows a complete and effective long – lasting antimicrobial protection on our products.


How antibacterial protection works?

See on infographic how antibacterial protection works!

Without antimicrobial protection
Step 1 / touching a handle
Step 2 / The germs are transferred and stay on its surface
Step 3 / The germs multiply

With antimicrobial protection
Step 1 / touching a handle
Step 2 / A small amount of germs are transferred to its surface
Step 3 / In a short time the germs DISAPPEAR


Download the CONVEX brochure and find out about Antimicrobial Protection