The company produces and standardizes high quality Greek hardware products,
always using innovative ideas and excellent quality materials.
The flag of the company is to ensure the excellent quality of its products as well as the availability
in selected projects, always respecting the consumer and its partners.
The company is constantly investing in logistics, staff and know - how in order to
constantly satisfies the requirements of its customers and at the same time fully complies with them
strict quality, hygiene and safety standards for products and processes
production, in accordance with international certification standards.

CONVEX AEBE in November 2010 was certified for the implementation of its own system
quality in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and in March 2019 with the environmental system
management ISO 14001: 2015. Our certificates were issued by TUV HELLAS company from
most internationally recognized in the field of certifications.
The CONVEX quality control system, among others, includes continuous inspections
supplied materials, semi-finished products produced in all phases of production and final products.
These tests aim at the really high quality of our products in order to be satisfied
of the final consumer.
Finally, Convex implements the high - level standard of waste management standards with
significant environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and improvement
the effectiveness of its processes.
The above is a constant commitment of Convex to improve its environmental performance.

CONVEX in its effort to further ensure the high quality of products
cooperates with accredited laboratories in which:
Oxidation resistance tests in salt spray cabin according to standard EN 1670: 2007 “Building hardware.
Corrosion resistance. Requiremnts and test methods. ”
CONVEX cooperates with the recognized Italian laboratory LAPI for testing of door knobs
in a controlled environment for fire resistance according to standard EN 1634-2: 2008.

At CONVEX we have adopted the use of the BS EN 1906: 2012 standard:
Hardware - Lever and knob type knobs - Requirements and test methods
to evaluate the behavior of our products.
The results of the tests described in the standard and the evaluation of the products
correspond to an 8-digit code classification as defined by the standard.
The controls that are done in external laboratories but also the corresponding internal quality ones
controls enable us to classify our products according to standard.
We have been able to issue certificates for our products that are listed in this classification.

Antimicrobial paints and use of the recognized trademark ANTIMICROBE SHIELD
in its antimicrobial products.

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